hands working on the battery under a car's hood

How to prolong your car battery life

Why does my car battery keep dying?

Worried about your car battery running strong? Are you having trouble getting your car started or performing the way it should? Here at Ultimate Motors, we’ll help you learn more about the ins and outs of your vehicle and keep you from needing a jumpstart.

Black automobile battery isolated on white backgroundExtreme Weather

Whether you’re in weather that’s very hot or very cold, it can take a big toll on your vehicle’s battery, causing it to drain, even when the vehicle isn’t turned on. To avoid this, keeping your car in a garage is a good start, keeping your battery from overheating.

Short Trips

Your vehicle’s battery charges while it’s turned off. That said, starting your vehicle uses up more power than letting it idle. So, if you’re starting and stopping your vehicle frequently while running errands, you may actually be draining your battery.

Faulty Charging System

Of course, one of the big possibilities is that your battery problems may be coming from the battery itself. If your vehicle’s battery charging system isn’t working properly, it can cause your battery to lose power or not charge at all. If you believe your battery isn’t charging properly for a mechanical reason, be sure to visit a mechanic.

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