Vehicle Spotlight: 2015 Volvo XC60 T6 R-Design

The 2013, Volvo XC60 was the second best-selling model sold by the Swedish manufacturer. Providing entry level luxury and utilitarian usage; the XC60 seems like a better option that the BMW X3, Audi Q5, and Mercedes-Benz GLK. This specific example isn’t just any XC60, it’s an R-Design. Volvo R-Design models are meant to recapture the thrill of driving, with packages that offer attractive styling touches such as upgraded front and rear fascia, frameless grill, a finned rear diffuser, and R-Design tailpipe.

The rear end has an aggressive look with oversized exhaust tips & finned diffuser

The XC60 R-Design does not only boast styling. It has stiffer suspension and dampeners, as well as a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6 that delivers 324 horsepower and 354 lb. ft. of torque at 3,000 rpm. Connected to this, the most potent in the XC60 lineup, is a 6-speed automatic with paddle-shifters, along with standard all-wheel-drive.

Instrument cluster with “Sport” display setting

The interior of the Volvo has numerous “R-Design” badges to assure you that this is no ordinary XC60. Racing inspired bucket seats hold you in on windy roads, but are still comfortable enough for a long road trip. There is plenty of cargo space out back, with an all season mat that invites rugged use.

Aluminum Door Sills
Nubuck Bucket Seats

There are a plethora of features in the XC60 that make sure you are comfortable and safe on the road. The blind spot monitoring system is very active without being too overbearing while driving. There are parking sensors in the front and rear both, with a back up camera that includes guiding lines as well. Bluetooth hands-free calling, Harman Kardon sound, navigation, and internet capability make sure you are connected with everything you need. Cold outside? What sports luxury SUV would be complete without heated seats.

The cockpit of the XC60 is driver focused, and easy to use on the go

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Beat the Heat! Tips to Prepare Your Car For the Summer Heat

With the hottest days of summer upon us, make sure your car is ready for the heat! When the temperature gets hot, things that need to be replaced become much more apparent. Check out these tips below and see what you need to do to stay safe and ready to go.

Cooling System

Make sure to inspect all the hoses that connect your radiator to the engine. When the car has cooled down, check for holes and tears in the coolant hoses. Periodically give them a feel to ensure that they are firm, and not overly squishy or soft. The car’s coolant system keeps the engine temperatures at bay. When it is extremely hot outside, one must make sure their cooling system is working efficiently in order to keep the engine from overheating.

Air Conditioning

AC is a summer essential, if your air conditioning wasn’t working in the winter; it’s time to get it fired back up. Some old cars may have leaks in the system, which can allow freon to leak into the air and cause harm. These can be easily repaired with various leak sealing products. Often times all you need to do is recharge the system for it to get back to blowing ice cold air. While there are off the shelf recharge kits available at auto stores and Walmart, it is best to ask a professional mechanic on what they recommend for your specific car.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure can rise between 4-6 degrees Fahrenheit on a hot summer day. Follow the recommended tire pressure label often located on the door jamb of your car. Measure the tires when they’re cold, and fill them with air appropriately. Check the tires for cracks, stuck rocks, and poor tread. The last thing you want to do in 90+ degree weather is change a tire under the sun.


A dashboard sunshade might look tacky at first, but they offer excellent protection from harmful sun rays that can damage your interior finish. Not only do they protect your car, they also help keep heat out of the car. Another way to keep the heat out, is by keeping your sunroof shade closed if you have one. This prevents direct sunlight coming in from above, directly on to you.

Don’t forget to avoid leaving pets and children in the car as well, interiors of cars heat up very fast and even a few minutes of being inside can cause extreme harm.

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Vehicle Spotlight: 2021 BMW M440i

When the new 4-Series was revealed, many BMW fans hoped that it was a fake. Wishing that the front kidney grilles would go back to the styling everyone knew and loved from before. After seeing it in person, we can say that it has definitely grown on us.


To stay true to their roots, BMW went with an inline-6 engine for this model of the 4-series. However it needed a little something extra. Consequently, they added a turbocharger which strengthens it up to 382 hp @ 6500 rpm & 364 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm; boasting an impressive 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds. It has an 8-speed automatic transmission, and averages 25 mpg.

3.0L B58 Turbo Inline-6

Interior & Features

Outfitted with BMW’s newest OS7 software, results in this 4 series being full of technological goodies. It has live cockpit pro, BMW’s fully digital instrument cluster. The two LCD screens are easy to use, intelligent, and offer a plethora of personal customization. Heated seats, steering wheel, and neck warmers keep you warm and cozy with the top down; while the ambient lighting sets the mood. In the back, there are two USB-C ports to make sure all your latest tech stays charged and ready to go.

This 4-Series has three different drive modes, meaning that it can suit whatever driving experience your heart desires. In comfort it offers supple steering, and is perfect for everyday driving. Next up there is eco pro which is best for maximum fuel efficiency and mpg. Finally, there is sport and sport plus. In sport; there is increased torque, firmer steering, suspension, and higher shift points for the transmission. In sport plus, the dynamic traction control turns off, and the exhaust valves open allowing a louder exhaust note.

Interior View
Driving Modes

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Automotive Chip Shortage? All You Need To Know

About the size of a grape, these semiconductors have been impacting the production of vehicles all around the world.

There are thousands of cars awaiting chips before they are able to be shipped to dealers. It has been expected to cost the global automotive industry $110 billion in revenue in 2021, this is up 81.5% from a preliminary calculation made of $60.6 billion in late January.

What is a chip?

Chips are transistors composed of silicon, a semiconductor element that is be found in many minerals. Almost every piece of technology has a chip that allows it to operate; computers, phones, TV’s, and even vehicles. These chips are used in modern cars to perform important functions like reading out throttle input, anti-lock brakes, back up cameras, navigation screens, and more. Without these chips, manufactured cars sit in lots awaiting these final puzzle pieces.

What caused the shortage?

When the global pandemic hit, it caused suppliers, automakers, and other manufactures to shut down. This eventually set us in an economic recession. Car manufactures, used to recessions, decided to cancel orders they had for car parts that required these chips. They had thought that car sales would nose dive, like they have in the past. However, car sales shot up with immense demand. With 0% financing deals, and contactless purchase and delivery being some of the biggest influencers.

When the factories opened back up, there was far more demand than there was supply. Auto makers called in to put back their orders, but the chip capacity was already used up by other consumers — phones, computers, and video games — as people shifted over to telework and stay at home life.

Which cars are affected?

Every car manufacturer is suffering from the semiconductor shortage. To make sure companies still stay profitable, and that customers are able to buy cars certain cuts had to be made. Most manufacturers are stopping the production of higher end, or larger vehicles such as SUV’s and trucks. This way they are able to focus on the production of money making vehicles. There are least a couple cars affected from each manufacturer, here are just a few.

Volkwagen Toureg, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7/Q8
2021 Audi Q7

A Volkswagen manufacturing plant located in Bratislava, Slovakia stated that they would stop the production of the larger vehicles. All the SUV’s are extremely similar in how they are built & manufactured.

Ford F150, Explorer, Mustang
2021 Ford Explorer

Ford decided to cutback on the production of both the F150 & Explorer, but with the chip shortage that has been cut down even more. During a quarterly report, Ford stated that they would most likely produce 1.1 million less vehicles than usual. Their chief financial officer stated that there are currently over 22,000 built vehicles awaiting chips.

Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover Discovery, Jaguar F-Type, XE, XF
Facelift 2021 Jaguar F-Type

Land Rover and Jaguar are sister companies, and as of April 26th they stopped the production of the vehicles mentioned above. Jaguar halted their Castle Bromwich plant, and Land Rover at their Halewood factory.

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